Running from rehab…2

My partner in crime was Scot, a stocky, little rocketeer with cheeky blue eyes. His tales of professional success “on the outside” were tall even compared to his legendary stories of freebasing it up in his beloved city. One late afternoon our work shift had ended and Scott and I were chatting. We’d spent the day digging trenches side by side and got to know each other a bit during those times when our Monitor was out of earshot. Presently we were walking from the work-site to our bungalow to fetch our towels and fresh clothes before heading off to the showers (3 minutes per person exactly!). Scott noted that this was one of the few times of day on the farm when the supervision of Monitors and Councillors slacked off for about an hour. Just the fact that me and him could walk in a pair of two instead of the mandatory group of 3 minimum meant he had a point. “I can see you’re also thinking about ducking”. Scott was a forward kind of chap because I could’ve bust him for just saying that and it would earn him a week without shoes and on a “no-talk” regiment (a most grievous punishment for old chatty Scott). But he had sized up his mark like the astute con artist he was and we started conspiring. We figured we could get at least a 30 minutes head start into the woods before someone realized we were gone. We’d be able to grab enough clothes because it would after all be shower time and we could use our blankets as knapsacks. He showed me the weak place in the fence the following day and from thereon out it was all we could think about. Every available minute was spent planning and I started daydreaming about freedom and what my new life on the outside would hold for me. Scott knew his city and if I could somehow get that court order off my back I could see myself acclimatizing to the coastal lifestyle. We decided to escape over a weekend when the supervision was even slacker. We knew all the stats were against us: 80% of escapees got caught again within 2 hours another 15% in 3. But we had something so precious to chase. More precious than the dragon even. It was freedom.


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