Against resistance to writing

A well known writer talks about Resistance as a force of nature in the artist’s world. It is resistance that causes substance abuse and a myriad of other problems in our lives. What resistance does is to try every trick in the book to get us not to do the work we are born to do. To keep us from self-actualization.

Every new day is a new struggle against this resistance. We procrastinate and make excuses for not sitting down to write. Once we sit down and start typing we are on our way to vanquishing resistance. It doesn’t matter what we write or how well it is written – just write! A blogging superstar was asked how you write well. His answer: start writing badly, continue to write badly until you start writing OK and then continue to write OK until you are writing well.

Every morning I feel the angst of resistance as I travel to my workplace. I know that I will need to conquer that blank page again. But I think of myself as a warrior on a crusade. I keep driving through the fear and as I get closer to my destination I get more determined to do what I have to do. I imagine I’m the only person left in the world as I move through the quiet corridors of the office towards my date with destiny. Nothing will stop me from opening my blog page and filling it.

Today I’ve won. Tomorrow the battle starts afresh.


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