For Zen and against rushing

Just for today, I’m not going to write as fast as I can. I don’t want this post to be long, but it should be measured, considered, contained. I’ll ignore those feelings that make me hasty, the feeling of having too much energy or not enough. The feeling that there’s a million things to write about, or not enough if I should stop to think about it. I’m ignoring the compulsive pangs of hunger, thirst for more caffeine or nicotine and the nagging sense that there isn’t enough time to do what I want to be doing. Why am I in such a rush? Am I scared the next mouthful of food or coffee will disappear? Am I worried the next sentence will flee if I don’t jot it down immediately? It won’t. There is an abundance of food, drink, words, thoughts and feelings in this world and we don’t need to have it all at once. In fact, we can’t have it simultaneously. So these compulsions are irrational and contrary to nature.

Do you know this feeling? Never being at rest, never being just in the right moment? I bet you do. But fortunately even this can’t last. There will come a moment in which you are exactly where you feel you should be. Just wait for it. Don’t try to do anything to obtain it. That is counterproductive.

Just don’t do it. Just zen out.


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