Domesticated Male

The domesticated male’s natural habitat is a 3-4 bedroom house in the suburbs, close to some urban center. He shares his existence with three other main species: the Wife (perceived as very important to his ongoing wellbeing), the Kids (these can range from one to five in number and view him as a plaything/money machine) and of course the Family Pets (usually dogs and/or cats). The domestic male is a sedentary creature although he may engage in short daily outbursts of vigorous physical activity (for which he dresses up and often driving to an exercise domain specific destination). This serves no obvious evolutionary purpose since he has already procreated. His waking hours are mostly spent behind the screen of some electronic device (most often a PC) and he eats three meals a day (usually much more than what is required for survival purposes). While he is a member of the most intelligent and powerful beings on his planet and also represents the supposedly “stronger” sex of his species, he lives in constant fear of incorporeal possibilities. His female mate might be upset with him for a transgression he never intended as injurious to her. His privilege of spending his days behind a computer screen with his fellow domestic males may be being revoked. This latter eventuality impacts on the abstract remuneration that goes with this privilege of “working”and it only serves to keep him and his cohabitants locked into their current (unsatisfactory) state of existence. The non-domesticated male on the other hand – though wrongly stereotyped as being somehow less astute than his domesticated brethren – does not fall prey to such trivial anxieties. He is the more robust incarnation of homo sapiens and wont to combine his intelligence and masculinity to take what he wants by force. He is smart enough not to commit himself to any one female and generally realizes that their emotions are the least of a male’s worries. He exercises when necessary – such as when his masculinity is being threatened – and then he is satisfied with any terrain and clothing style for smiting his enemies. The domesticated male is known for his effeminate concerns about physical appearances (such as clothes, weight and general attractiveness) and is dominated by the “weaker” sex in his thoughts and deeds. The “free” or non-domesticated male is ironically more successful at attracting female sexual partners though he makes no effort to incorporate the female system of reference into his own mind.


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