Did I marry too soon? Maybe, but definitely fuck more often.

I was just thinking to myself: You know, the only woman that you regularly had sex with also happened to become your wife of 10 years. This despite a slutty past in which I had had multiple sexual liaisons. Steady girlfriends I could probably whittle down to about four – of which only one was giving sex more or less whenever I wanted it. Now I don’t want to take anything away from my (mostly) lovely and beautiful wife – when we met at varsity she was a straight A hurdling champion with a body to die for. Yes, time and responsibility has taken its toll on us both and we don’t look (and often don’t feel) as good as we once did. In as much as I admit to putting all women into a certain “category”, I’ve realized by now what a rich variety of you there is out there. Had one of you made yourself available to me, would I be a happier and more fulfilled man today? I don’t know – and that’s the most freaky thing about it. I guess there are few men out there who didn’t wish they could have had more sex in their younger, pre-family years. Most of my friends only got married in their thirties (one in his late thirties) while I hitched the knot at 28. At one stage when my wife was wanting to divorce me I did have a short affair with a woman – and I still think fondly of her today (my wife first had an affair if that’s relevant). What would dating in my mid-thirties have looked like? One thing’s for sure it would’ve involved fairly frequent sex I think. Being a thoughtful kind of chap, I am thinking about a conclusion to be drawn here. You need to physically love your wife more. Touch and kiss here more often and, yes, (if she’s in the mood) fuck her more frequently. It always fosters a sense of deeper togetherness. No I didn’t marry too young, I only need to use the opportunity I now have more fully and frequently. That would satisfy me as I still find my wife attractive.


3 thoughts on “Did I marry too soon? Maybe, but definitely fuck more often.”

      1. Nothing like licking and being licked… I like to have a guy lick my ass and my pussy, the longer the better!

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