Running from rehab…3

At the agreed time Scot and I ducked into our dormitory to grab some clean, warm clothes to serve us during our escape effort. The move was timed so that there were lots of people walking around with bunches of clothing at that time (shower time). We waited until we were basically alone – the closest other inmates being a good 50 meters away. The time had now come to make a run for the fence. All went smoothly but Scot got a wound from the razor wire (it didn’t slow him down though). We were running at full speed along a farm road now. Our first goal was to get as far down that road and then duck into the bushes to the right. We knew once we were in the dense man made forest we would really have a shot at getting away. I can’t remember if we had to scale another fence to get into the forest but I know we got there and we ran until our lungs burned and you tasted copper in the back of your throat.


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