My first kiss

During my early high school career we did a school play in which I sang a Bob Dylan song, accompanying myself on my steel string guitar. A pretty blond girl, one year my junior, also did a number, I think it was from Grease, but she didn’t play an instrument. She was a natural performer and is today quite famous and successful in the market niche she’s carved out for herself. Back then however she was just a 14 year old girl with blue eyes that sparkled with childish mischief. Her hair was blond. I thought she was pretty but it was her personality that really turned me on (she had lots of it). I had recently lost the “puppy fat” I’d been carrying through my elementary school years and emerged as quite a handsome boy. While the other acts in the concert were doing their thing we stole glances at each other. It became a game where the one would quickly look away upon noticing the other’s glance. I didn’t have any real experience with girls at that stage so I was nervous and shy about the whole thing – not knowing how to proceed. My previous attachments had been pre-pubescent “dating” that comprised of exchanging hellos when you passed each other in the school corridors and going to a movie date every few months on the occasion of Valentines Day, her birthday or some similar occasion. Without the necessary hormones it was always more awkward than sensual. Now that I’d grown pubic hair it was quite different: there was an electricity between us. She was the one who initiated real emotional contact by using humor. She caught me staring at her and looked away so dramatically that I was unable to avert my gaze, spellbound by her performance. Then she immediately looked at me again and laughed. I couldn’t help laughing too, I was totally charmed by this beautiful creature. Just now I messaged her on FB because I’ve lost her number and a couple of times I’d wanted to phone her to tell her I loved her new song and to compliment her on the success of her new TV show. I know she’ll get back to me soon because we’ve shared a bond since those high school days. While I wasn’t her first kiss (by a long shot) she did love me at an age where love is more special than at any other time in one’s life. Back to the past. She’d broken the ice and I went to introduce myself after the practice ended. Everything about her made my nerve ending and sense strain to breaking point. I can’t remember whether one of us suggested taking a stroll or if it just happened. What I do remember is the feeling of her warm hand in mine and the feeling of walking on clouds. We crossed the street to the cafe and kept walking until we found a place of relative seclusion. It was a driveway behind the cafe leading to an apartment block. Neither of us had any doubt about what was supposed to happen next. It was so natural. I remember her perfume: a sweet young girl’s scent. We locked both our hands in an embrace now. I think we were to fast coming into the kiss because our teeth clashed. We laughed about it and tried again. This time it was just the smooth, warm tasting of each other. It is impossible to tell if it lasted an eternity or a second. Our tongues touched like magic. She was warm. Her lips were parted. I floated back to where our parents were to pick us up. Nothing in the world mattered except that moment. I loved her already as deeply as I would ever love someone. She was an angel. My somewhat sentimental message to her now is just an attempt to somehow thank her. Nothing so pure and tender has ever happened to me again.


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