Words on crack

I’m waiting for the man. 50 dollars in my hand. He’s never early, he’s always late. First thing that you learn is that you’ve always gotta wait. I’m waiting for the man.

I’m two beers and two double gins deep. Now I’m wanting to go deeper. He told me he’s got everything I’ve asked for: H, rocks and weed. Today I’m being naughty indeed! The next line I write I’ll be high as a kite.

I’m high as a kite, I just might, stop to check you out. Let me go wild, like a blister in the sun!

Now for some original sin, seems that I just want to sing. Words and tunes of others’ making, my mind’s half asleep but the other half’s waking.

Next from the upper straight to the downer, I’m just junking all over town’er. Make it faster, make it stop, you’ve got the hip and I’ve got the hop.

My eyes are streaming, I look like a loser, I want to be dreaming, I pose as a boozer. That’s better than what I really am, besides my sipping juice I’m rocketeering in the can. I am what I am, but I hide my Mr Hyde behind the door of the can. Pretending I’m pissing, as long as they’re missing, my desperate drags from the pipe that starts hissing, as the flame hits the rock and my mind and my cock, goes fucking insane as the shit hits my brain.

And next is the H, but my mind it just waits. I’ll ride out this wave and I’ll press the save, button before my battery dies. Like me.



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An outsider in late thirties working a job he doesn't like much and married to a wife he often hates. A good enough father. Used to have money but doesn't now. Has frequent fantasies (sexual or otherwise). Dislikes the masses and mainstream opinions/personalities.

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