Mark Levin makes me laugh

I always need to remind myself why I listen to The Mark Levin Show on podcast every weekday, and today it was confirmed again: because he makes me laugh. A Jewish American Tea Party Republican who served in the middle management echelons of the Reagan administration, he riles against liberals and Democrats daily (and also against the so-called “Islamo-Nazis”, among other groups and individuals). He does not spare the Republican leadership either – his mocking Mitch McConnel impersonation is often on display to my immense enjoyment.

What made me laugh out loud today in the train was when he mentioned Warren Buffet in a sort of disparaging context and he said he wouldn’t want that “silly look” Buffet wears on his face “all the time”. This is funny because he sticks it to everyone like that. What he also does that is very cute is to give all these people nicknames, like Hillary “Rotten” Clinton while referring to newspapers in terms like the New York “Slimes” or “The Trump Superpac” for Fox.

He trumpets “values” such as Constitutional Conservatism and he’s a fierce defender of the second amendment. His target audience is the American Middle Class (if there is such a thing) and he makes a big hoo-ha about folks like cops, military veterans, firefighters and truckers. Now while he prides himself on the “intellectual” nature of his show he receives callers that are considerately anti-intellectual and he treats them with either disdain/scorn or in a slightly patronizing fashion.

He’s forever going on about the “pom-pom boys and girls, over at the cable news channels” and their “congo lines of guests”. The same goes for this-and-that-politician’s “surrogates and mouthpieces in the media”. I just fucking love it. He gets so riled up! Starts shouting and then he starts asking himself questions as though a third person/persons were asking him “So Mark, are you for XYZ? ” “Wait Mark, are you saying…ABC?”

The rest of the show he spends punting (in addition to his normal radio station advertising) his own and his elderly parents’ latest books and a new “direct” TV channel he’s launched called Levin TV it streams via the internet. I guess some people may see him as an old bigot using his microphone as bully pulpit. But he makes me laugh and that’s good!


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