Just another 48 hours but with some surprises (as always)

My boss has been on a drinking binge for a week now (I picked them well!). He doesn’t come to work. I saw him once last Friday at a meeting at the airport where he was clearly drunk at 11 AM. He even ordered a drink while the meeting was in progress – right in front of the external party. In a way I feel sorry for him because I know negative aspects of such a spree, but on the other hand I’m a bit jealous (having decided to live my life dry since my last episode and missing it).

Taking advantage of the situation I’ve extracted three days of leave from him which I’ll be enjoying until Monday.

This short break got off to a bad start however as the power in our area was off since Tuesday evening and only came back on in the early hours of this morning. A sub power station had burnt down so it was a pretty big deal to fix. Going without power I saw again how reliant we’ve become on electricity and our devices. It feels like your whole world is crumbling around you as your laptop and phone batteries run out. I had to go to a nearby steakhouse around midday yesterday to get all my electronics powered up. Got some great ribs and a rock shandy in the process. Last night we decided to have a barbecue for dinner because it was either that or take outs and my mother had brought us some awesome steaks. I wondered at how well prepared the Victorians must have been to live their lives of luxury without electric lights, plugs and stoves.

The other issues in my life are miscellaneous. My boss called (drunk) and told me in confidence that he was being offered another job. This could be an opportunity for me to be promoted but it could also go the other way and the other candidate is a dick who I don’t want to report to. So I’m getting geared up for a job search. I’m still struggling to quit smoking and I’m chewing nicotine gum but I still give in at certain times like first thing in the morning and after meals. Now I’m listening to an audio-book about the power of habits that’s giving me quite a bit of insight into how the trigger, routine, reward system works and how you can rewire your brain. Finally, I’ve been committed to an exercise routine for a few weeks now but my left calve keeps giving me trouble. Today I could only manage a walk and I feel unsatisfied (the endorphin rush was not quite there).

So life goes on like the buzzing noise of a broken fluorescent light. Adios.


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