Week of recovery

Since I went to my first AA meeting exactly one week ago tomorrow, things have already started changing in my life. I actually had no other choices than to embrace the program or to die from my abuse. The past six days I’ve not only immersed myself in the AA literature (I like the life stories the best) but I’ve also been doing soul searching. For example: I’ve begun to make a list of my character defects on Evernote. I add one or two every day as I become aware of them. I’ve already mentioned how I found a Higher Power and I am now trying to get in contact with Him as often as possible. I ask him for knowledge of his will and the strength to carry it out. I also ask Him to keep me from craving. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to get myself a sponsor. A sponsor is a person with a good amount of dry/clean time behind him who guides you through the steps and who becomes your lifeline to call on anytime you feel you’re not coping well. Even though I’m still a baby to the AA program I’m already feeling the urge to carry the message to the alcoholics who are still suffering. I’ve discussed it with my boss and I hope to get him to go to a meeting with me in the next couple of months. Then there’s a very close friend of mine who is a hopeless drunk and pothead. I know he suffers and as soon as I’ve got a sponsor and know some more people in the groups I will call my friend and try to get him to go to a meeting with me. Your fellow AA members become like your family and your whole social life changes I’m told. Tonight I’m going to a new meeting and I’m looking forward to it. An old timer from my first meeting called me last night to join him for a meeting, but I couldn’t. He did however give me good advice and encouragement. God is granting me the serenity and it’s spilling over to other areas of my life. How amazing!



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An outsider in late thirties working a job he doesn't like much and married to a wife he often hates. A good enough father. Used to have money but doesn't now. Has frequent fantasies (sexual or otherwise). Dislikes the masses and mainstream opinions/personalities.

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