Three day diary

Today I’m “working from home”. My boss suggested this for all the men in our team since all the women in the department will be going off to some spa to celebrate women’s month. It’s one of those small mercies for which I’m grateful to my Higher Power. Speaking of small mercies and miracles, I had sex with my wife this morning. It wasn’t that great for me – this is either because my body was tired or because we used excessive lubrication (there wasn’t much time to get warmed up), still, I’m not complaining. Before the sex I slept from about 8 to 10:30 (I was up just before 6 and had to drop the kids at school despite my otherwise “off day”. I fetched them as well because my wife went for an interview with a hotshot lawyer who is interested in the expertize she got from her recent PhD thesis. This afternoon I started reading a fun book called Portnoy’s Complaint (by Philip Roth). 

Over the weekend a high intensity war began in our household, and it is still raging. The enemy? Dust mites.My daughter was diagnosed as being hyper allergic to their excrements, their corpses and themselves. They live and die inside your matresses, pillows, carpets, soft toys, linen and even clothes. Now we’re getting rid of the carpets and installing wooden flooring throughout the house. Everything is being washed and left in the sun to kill the bastards. Every inch is also being sprayed with a kind of mite pesticide and we got new anti-allergenic pillows. Mattress and pillow encasings have also been ordered. The army of soft toys have been thrown out with only the few true favorites having been frozen and then left in the sun to dry (this teddy freezing will happen every month). The dogs are getting brushed every day because they shed hair. As I said, it’s all out war! 

My biggest contribution to the mite fight has been to fix the plumbing of our washing machine so that it is now connected to hot water (essential for killing the enemy). It took me all of Saturday morning and I was pretty pleased with myself as I’m not really the handyman type. The guy at the hardware store and the tools I bought probably deserve most of the credit.

Yesterday I went to an AA meeting where I was asked to read a section from the Big Book. We celebrated a woman’s 3 year sober birthday and we discussed our belief in a Higher Power. I cited the small miracles in my life that proved His loving hand. 

The rest of Saturday and Sunday I spent reading the first story in a book called The New York Trilogy, published in the mid-eighties. It was a wonderfully self-referencing piece of literature with layers and layers of meaning about writing and reading.

After this post I’m probably not going to do much more than read, eat and sleep (I worked out yesterday). Oh, I’ll probably pray, thanking Him for the inner peace I’ve been enjoying.


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