As those of you who’ve read my blog for a while know, I’m not really all that big on my health, trying to do everything to maximize my longevity or anything. I’m simply not afraid of dying – I’ve had a good life and expect a peaceful (at least) or joyous (at best) afterlife. But hell, I felt crappy this week hey! It started with my six year old boy who woke up Sunday night in terror as he puked all over the place while his poor little tummy also ran like a tap. At one point he was sitting on the toilet and throwing up. Shame.

The next day I went to work as usual. The morning was a Monday so infamous in its own right, but I felt uncomfortably full that morning and as the day progresses my belly just kept inflating (even though I wasn’t eating anything). I was beginning to put two and two together when I had to visit the loo, and there the answer was clearly four. I was supposed to attend an important meeting on my boss’ behalf that afternoon but I told him about cathing thhe same bug my boy had and that I was willing to stick around until such time as I felt like puking, then I would get the hell home asap. And home I went at about 2PM for a horrible half day and night of cramps diarrhea and vomiting (while my boy was also still sick but not vomiting anymore due to the great suppositories we got from the doctor). The next morning my body was aching like with the flu and I had zero energy and zero appetite except for a cup of coffee. The diarrhea wore off but I still felt shitty in most other ways. Some generic pain killers helped – as they always do – but I called in sick and remained in bed for two solid days (literally didn’t get up just lay down and listened to a book called the Giants of Philosophy and some podcasts shows. And slept a lot. My daughter became sick the nights after me and the next day I ventured out once to get us sports drinks against possible dehydration and as meal replacement for me. That night my wife got it and at present we are all in incremental stages of recovery – though my boy is probably fine – he looks well and his energy is back.

It was actually quite a rare – if bizarre – “gift” bestowed on our family to all spend a couple of days just lying on couches and beds together and recovering in peace – without work or school stresses – the whole world could’ve fallen to pieces and it wouldn’t have affected our states of mind in our little sick cocoon.

I wish I can maintain my weight at where it is now but I am starting to get very hungry and will probably just fall back into my old eating habits (maybe I’ll do smaller portions because I’ve seen for myself how little food one can do with).

Hope none of you catch this nasty one and die on the toilet – there are more dignified ways to go!









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