What I’m reading and how

We all know that in order to write well we have to read a lot first. Here I share the cocktail of works that I’m currently consuming or have just finished.

  1. Classics: The Brothers Karamazov and Don Quixote.
  2. Science: The Selfish Gene, The Universe in a Nutshell and The Pleasure of Finding Things Out.
  3. Philosophy: The Giants of Philosophy and The Consolations of Philosophy.
  4. Fiction: Joyland by Stephen King, Portnoy’s Complaint and The New York Trilogy.
  5. Business: How Google Works.
  6. Spiritual/self improvement: The AA Big Book.

A lot of these I actually listen to in audiobook format rather than actually reading it. I’ve found that while it is more convenient to listen to book recordings you absorb more when reading from a page. For fiction and business audiobooks are great, but for the more technical genres like science or philosophy a lot tends to pass you by when you can’t re-read a sentence or refer back to earlier chapters.

Of course it matters less how you consume your books than that you are actually engaging in literature. For me there are few better past times than reading and the only other inputs I take on a daily basis are selected podcasts (mainly conservative American political ones). But there is also a stack of books on my shelves that I’m still in the process of reading (but haven’t picked up for months or even years) and this gives me comfort that I won’t have any reason to feel lonely or bored anytime soon!



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