Life happened

I haven’t blogged for a good while and I’m wondering why. The short answer is just that life happens. The long answer is that my job’s IT security decided to block WordPress, so posting would involve me getting out my wifi device, changing the proxy setting on my computer and removing the network cable. It’s just laziness I guess and yet so much newsworthy stuff has happened in my life.

My wife got a well paying consulting job at a law firm that will make our financial situation 100% better. My mother confirmed that we can move into her mansion in a great part of town next year and it will only cost me the building costs for upgrading an apartment that’s already on the property (far away from the main house). This I can fund with the profit from selling my existing home. Even our maid and her child will finally have a spacious place to live in the back of the yard.So financially all is well and I’m even getting calls from a CEO of a medium sized company who’s interested in hiring me (hopefully at a higher rate than my current salary).

Both my wife and I are doing cross fit now and although it is pretty hard excercise I can see how my body is being restored to its former glory. Plus there’s a girl there who is so beautifully built (nice face too) that she inspires me with every lift and squat. I’ve only spoken two words with her but I can see she appreciates my appreciation for her perfect body. If I sound horny it’s because I am. I got a new supplier for testosterone and I wake up with my tent pitched every motning like I was 18 again. The stuff works – even my psychiatrist has asked me to get him some – it hypes your strength and metabolism but also increases your sex drive. Every day on the train I’m fantasizing about some woman’s pussy or breasts in the vicinity. But I keep myself in check. Way too shy to do anything. I even gave my wife some for accelerated weight loss and she wanted sex soon thereafter. Great!

My sunstance abuse has been limited: I drink on average every Monday. But I’m still hooked on 3 sleeping tablets to get my 10 hours a night. Sometimes I feel depressed and anxious. This has a lot to do, I believe, with my boring job and long commuting times. I was in heaven for about 2 weeks when my boss said we could work from home 2 days a week. But he was only semi sober when he proposed this and has back peddled since.

On Sundays I alternate between AA meetings and church and other than that I just want to stay home and sleep or read. On Sunday afternoons I play soccer with my kids and swim in our pool.

I’m thankful for a lot of things but there’s always the sense in the back of my mind that friends or acquaintences are doing “better” than me. Some kind of inferiority complex I guess.

My daily reliable joy comes from listening to American conservative podcadts like the blaze (Buck Sexton and Glenn Beck) and the Mark Levin Show. So chuffed that Trump won – a big middle finger to the mainstream media and global elites. I’m also reading Yim Ferriss the four hour workweek (my dream).

Hope you are well or at least coping with this life that keeps happening.


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