So it’s Friday again. I injured myself during crossfit last night and came limping into work. My boss is traveling so I didn’t do much today except drink gin, listen to podcasts and read “fake” news sites. The weekend isn’t the normal relaxed sprawl that lies ahead of me. Tonight I’ve got a dinner engagement and on Sunday afternoon it is a barbeque with my brother in law and his wife whom I both loath.

On the sunny side, next week will be my last week of work till 3 Jan 2017. I’m looking forward to our trip to the mountains with horse riding and fly fishing. We’ll be back home well in time for Xmas and that’s cool with me too.

I just have to make a big change next year or I’m going to die from boredom and frustration. If all goes well I’ll move countries. If not, I’ll need a new job or private business opportunity. I’ve hybernated long enough.

Tomorrow is another torturing hour of crossfit which I’ll confront with my hangover notwithstanding. I’m contemplating this while I’m stuck in traffic towards my city back from work. It’s hot and slow and careless. Just because it’s Friday!


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